Tipu Sultan's Fort, Palakkad

The fort built in 1766 by Hyder Ali is one of the well preserved forts of Kerala. The fort was captured by the British in 1784. It was later taken by the troops of the Kozhikode Zamorin but was recaptured by the British again in 1790. Tipu Sultan did not give up easily and he fought continuously for the custody of the fort. However, during one such encounter he lost his life. Since then the fort is known as Tipu Sultan's Fort. It is situated about 40 km from Vedic Hermitage Ayurveda.

Varahamoorthi Kshethram, Palakkad

The legend behind this temple is what makes it special. According to the myth, Perumthachan, an expert carpenter began constructing this temple after being challenged to build a temple that could challenge heaven. Lord Indra truly got envious of the temple and altered minute measurements of the temple which in turn would disrupt Perumthachan's work. This went on for months until an exasperated Perumthachan gave up on the task and decided to end his career as a carpenter. At the temple one can see a measuring scale and axe lieing inserted into a wall of the temple, which has unfinished structures and pillars. It is situated about 37 km from Vedic Hermitage Ayurveda.

Malampuzha, Palakkad

There are several places of interest in Malampuzha. Be it the Malampuzha dam built on the River Bharathapuzha or the garden near the dam or Fantasy Park, the water theme park, there is everything you want on a holiday – serenity, fun and excitement. Easily accessible from Palakkad, Malampuzha is a major tourist attraction. It is situated about 47 km from Vedic Hermitage Ayurveda.

Nelliampathi, Palakkad

Situated about 80 km away from Palakkad, Nelliampathy is a hill station in the Nelliampathy forest ranges. A series of ridges cut off from one another by valleys of dark evergreen forests make this breathtaking hill station all the more special. It is situated about 75 km from Vedic Hermitage Ayurveda.

Mayiladumpara Sanctuary, Palakkad

A sanctuary not bound by fence or gate, the Mayiladumpara sanctuary that houses around 200 peacocks allows free access. Though sightings of the peacocks are infrequent during the day, they can be seen moving around during dawn and dusk. The sanctuary is at Nedungathara, about 25 km south of Palakkad. It is situated about 190 km from Vedic Hermitage Ayurveda.

Silent Valley National Park, Palakkad

The Silent Valley gets its name from the eerie silence that surrounds this valley because of the lack of cicadas. The habitat of rare species, Silent Valley is at a distance of 80 km from Palakkad. The valley which is a protected area for tigers, lion-tailed macaques, is also inhabited by tribals. It is situated about 206 km from Vedic Hermitage Ayurveda.

Walayar Dam, Palakkad

25 km away from Palakkad town, the Walayar Dam is located on the border of Kerala and Tamil Nadu. A beautiful place, it is easily accessible to the visitors to and from Tamil Nadu as well. A deer park located 3 km away from Walayar is another attraction. It is situated about 78 km from Vedic Hermitage Ayurveda.

Sakthan Thampuran Palace, Thrissur

The palace of the erstwhile Maharaja of Cochin is now a heritage museum. This museum has the largest collection of excavated megalithic structures. Now preserved by the Archeological Department, this museum was reconstructed in the Kerala-Dutch style in 1795 by Sri Rama Varma Thampuran of Cochin. It is at a distance of 39 kms from Vedic Hermitage Ayurveda.

Vadakkumnathan Temple, Thrissur

The temple with four imposing Gopurams, enclosed by a lofty stone wall, Vadakkumnathan is one of the most revered temples of Kerala. In a unique ritual, ghee is poured over the idol of Lord Shiva. A classic example of the Kerala style of architecture with different sacred shrines within, the temple is believed to be founded by Saint Parasurama.
The temple is about 40 kms away from Vedic Hermitage Ayurveda.

Basilica of Our Lady of Dolores/ Puthan Palli, Thrissur

This famed church is believed to be the tallest church in Asia. It has a three storied portico and even higher steeples. Decorated with Gothic towers, 15 altars and church bells imported from Germany, the church is a must visit destination of Thrissur.
It is situated about 84 km from Vedic Hermitage Ayurveda.

Peechi Dam, Thrissur

Located 23 km from Thrissur, Peechi Dam is a popular tourist hub where one can engage in boating on the reservoir or take a stroll through the beautiful gardens. The Peechi Vazhany sanctuary nearby has tigers, leopards, elephants, sambars and spotted and barking deers. If you get lucky during your boating trip, you might get a glimpse of these animals, quenching their thirst at the banks of the river.
It is at a distance of 51 kms from Vedic Hermitage Ayurveda.

Kodungalloor, Thrissur

Kodungalloor is a place with a rich historic heritage. It is famous for its Cheraman Perumal Juma Masjid, believed to be the first mosque in India; the Mar Thoma Pontifical shrine, which is believed to be the first church in India. This church was built to commemorate the arrival of St Thomas, the apostle of Christ. The Bhagavathi Temple which draws devotees across the state is the most ancient temple of northern Kerala.
It is situated about 78 km from Vedic Hermitage Ayurveda.

Guruvayur Sree Krishna Temple, Thrissur

The most famous temple town of Kerala, Guruvayur is where devout pilgrims come together to seek the blessings of Guruvayurappan (meaning God of Guruvayur). The Sree Krishna temple here is Kerala's largest shrine and has a 33.5 m tall gold plated dwajasthambha or a flagpole, which stands in front of the temple. The temple is at a distance of 30 km from Thrissur. Entry is restricted to Hindus.
It is situated about 50 km from Vedic Hermitage Ayurveda.

Punnathoor Kotta, Thrissur

The Punnathoor Kotta is now home to more than 60 elephants, all of them gifted by devotees to the Sree Krishna Temple, Guruvayoor. The palace grounds of the one-time Punnathoor Raja are now visited by devotees who come to the temple and stop by, to see and even feed the elephants.
It is situated about 48 km from Vedic Hermitage Ayurveda.